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Electronic Document Management

Attric has extensive experience in the implementation, support and management of client Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). Our own system, AttView, is used in a number of sectors to provide a configurable, secure and scalable EDMS, improving operational efficiency and safety.


Built on industry standard technology, AttView is a secure, robust and highly scalable EDMS which dramatically improves the implementation of best practice in document management across a client’s business. Attric can deliver either a fully supported on-site EDMS application or a fully hosted off-site EDMS, with full failover redundancy to a secondary live system.

Its main features include:

  • Flexible hierarchical Document and Records folder structure
  • Configurable search form and Engineering Tag search functionality
  • Information Division and Access Control Level (ACL) security
  • Ability to view documents and records from any location
  • No “per seat” licensing


The AttView EDMS has a multi-layered model which applies security to both users and documents. Documents and records can be split into “divisions”, with controls in place to ensure that users only have access to information within their assigned divisions. Alternatively, each document and record can be given an Access Control Level (ACL) to determine whether a user can access the content.

AttView also enforces a strong Password Policy, ensuring client security

Additional security is available for hosted solutions:

  • Configurable session time-out management and encrypted client/server communications using 256-bit Thawte Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Multiple approved commercial data centre hosting locations available
  • Industry standard hardware and software firewall security


AttView has the option to be set up with a full “Failover” system, where the EDMS is hosted in two geographically different data centres, one acting as a primary system. Any change made within the EDMS is replicated in real time to the secondary system. Should any of the multiple monitoring services detect an issue with the primary system, operation is transferred to the secondary system, ensuring uninterrupted access to business critical information. Multiple monitoring services guarantee maximum availability.

Attric can provide:

  • Server and Network infrastructure monitoring
  • External monitoring metrics including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SQL Server and DNS
  • Internal monitoring including disk space, CPU utilisation, Exchange mail queues and Service states
  • Auto generated alerts deliverable by SMS and/or Email


The AttView EDMS can be installed as a standalone application on an organisation’s internal infrastructure. Alternatively, Attric can provide a fully managed and supported hosted solution, including full failover capabilities. Using Virtual Server hosting, Attric can deliver high levels of performance and reliability, whilst reducing client costs. Benefits include:

  • Live Migration: AttView can be moved from one physical host to another without any interruption to service for maintenance and updates
  • High Availability: Should one physical host fail, AttView will automatically restart on another available host
  • Workload Balancing: This can ‘Live Migrate’ AttView onto the physical host with the lowest resource usage, maximising performance
  • Multiple back-up options for Disaster Recovery purposes, including Virtual snapshots, offsite disk backup and offsite tape backup


Attric provide a comprehensive Electronic Document and Records Management service to help clients identify and implement the most effective Electronic Documents Management system for their company.

Consultants work alongside the Document and Records Management department to provide a complete solution, including the identification and classification of information and the implementation of all business rules and processes. Attric delivers this in a secure, reliable and efficient EDMS, leading to increased productivity and safer operations.