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Document and Records Management

Attric provide a complete Document and Records Management Service, including consultancy, ensuring clients are in compliance with relevant legislation, standards and practices. Attric work to BS 15489 'Information and Documentation – Records Management' to ensure our clients can access up to date, accurate information and that evidence of key business activities and transactions are recorded, managed and accessible.

Document Management

Attric specialises in managing documents from development through to implementation, in accordance with BS 15489 "Information and documentation – Records Management". This includes:

  • Classification: Relevant and accurate classification, including the indexing of metadata, making the retrieval of information more efficient and driving productivity
  • Use and Tracking: Managing Version Control, including Concurrent Engineering, to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate, thus improving the safety of operations and providing an auditable history of the Document life cycle
  • Disposition. Only up-to-date documents and information should be available for use. Attric ensure that processes are put in place to remove obsolete documents from circulation

Records Management

Good records management provides evidence of key business activities, transactions and information and ensures that a company is complying with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Attric will devise and implement a records management policy, supported by procedures and guidelines, retention schedules, planning and strategy statements, plus any other documents that together make up the records management system.

Effective management also allows for efficient, accurate and reliable access to an organisation's records, guaranteeing that any critical and historically important information is identified and protected.


Attric ensure that clients follow all legislative and regulatory requirements, including:

  • Retention and Disposition. Records are maintained and controlled for a defined period of time. After that, the record should be disposed of, unless subject to a Legal Hold.
  • Legal Hold. If any records are subject to litigation and/or regulatory investigation, then Legal Holds must be placed on them. This prevents their destruction until the Legal Hold is lifted.
  • Security and Access. Attric can implement a comprehensive security model to ensure that access to commercially or financially sensitive information, or personal data, is restricted, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Freedom of Information Act (FOI)


Attric provide a comprehensive Document and Records Management Consultancy service. From initial information gathering, capture and classification to secure disposal, our consultants can advise and help implement procedures and systems that effectively manage an organisation's documents and records throughout their life cycles. Services include:

  • Information Surveys. Ensuring that an organisation identifies all relevant documents and records that need to be managed
  • Governance. Establishing policies and procedures that facilitate the effective management processes for information
  • Business Classification Scheme or File Classification Plan. A critical part of the Records Management implementation process, the classification plan drives Retention, Security and Access, and helps staff retrieve information used on a daily basis